Friday, June 17, 2011


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  1. For my final i took all of my projects and put them together as a single image. Instead of just doing a collage form, I chose to somewhat have the images interact with one another. For example, The swat team from my own version of the burst project is entering the door on the old field and jeep project. I tried to include highlights from each project. I used many different layer masks for this final project. I went back to some of my other projects and took single layers out and placed the in also. The mustang image is split up with the storm and castle in the top right and the car and smoke in the front left. The car itself is rotated facing the other direction. I did use hue and saturation adjustments as well as brightness changes to try and keep some of the images from standing out too much. I also put some hard light adjustments on the motocross riders too. The mountains and the bull rider are vector images, but i softened the images somewhat because they almost looked like stickers. The armadillo and the rat are kind of noncholantly in the photo with their original backgrounds gone. I like the idea of producing a bunch of works then putting them together in this fashion, and looking around, searching in a sense, and finding the original images scattered and hidden throughout.